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"To make a mensch you have to use menschy ways"
Dr. Haim Ginott


servicesAvailable in English, almost anywhere in Israel. International Consultations via phone or Skype.

One on one counseling. Helping families on an individual basis.

Home observation. Invite Judy into your home. Bedtime difficult for you?
Judy will observe your family dynamics and offer solutions.

Explosive Child? Judy helps parents evaluate and implement the skills used in the Collaborative and Proactive approach.

Play therapy for children ages 3-13. Non directed play therapy combined with strengthening a child’s emotional development through games and activities.

Empty Nest = Fulfilled Family. A three meeting workshop for parents of adult children.

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk Workshop. A seven meeting workshop, ideal for neighborhood groups, school or yeshiva communities. Minimum 8 participants.

Siblings Without Rivalry Workshop. A seven meeting workshop, serves as a follow up workshop to the "How To Talk..." Workshop. Ideal for neighborhood groups, school or yeshiva communities. Minimum 8 participants.

Lectures. Judy is available as a guest speaker for your organization.

Call now and arrange to meet Judy. Her help is sincere, productive, and affordable.

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To get your free initial consultation, call me at 054-530-9535, email me at judy@judyparenting.com, or fill in the form below.

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​ Many parents talk to me about their children being picky eaters. It begins with toddlers but parents of children in elementary school will also mention their child's eating habits to me. It's an area of concern in many families. I was con...
​As a relationship based parenting counselor I am all about the relationship between the parent and the child.  I help parents keep their relationship with their child positive. That's what all the communication skills are all about.  So I ...
"Most parents love their children, but it is important that they not have an urgent need to be loved by them every minute of the day." ​Dr. Haim G. Ginott ​There are a lot of gray areas in parenting and it's easy to become unsure of the decisions we ...