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"When we acknowledge a child's feelings, we give him health and strength"
Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlich

Judy's Parenting Blog

Judy’s blog is filled with practical advice, parenting musings, and Judy’s thoughtful experiences. She aims to encourage parents to embrace relationship based, positive parenting.

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions
Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS), developed by Dr. Ross Greene is a realistic method for helping parents and children solve the problems that are creating tension in the home.  The premise is simple: Challenging behavior occurs when the demand of the environment exceed a kid's capacity to respond adaptively.  In...
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Judy Bar Eitan
Thanks Dena. Keep on reading and please forward it on.
Wednesday, 03 June 2015 19:10
Judy Bar Eitan
I just heard Dr. Greene saying it may have been better if he had not called it the empathy step. We do aim for empathy when a chil... Read More
Wednesday, 03 June 2015 19:09
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Children and Chores

Children and Chores

Most parents agree that children should help around the house. Call it chores, call it cooperation, it is more important to your child's development then most people think.  In today's world with two working parents, children in school and many after school activities, parents may be remiss in asking their children to do chores around the house.  By not asking children to help, parents are doing their children a huge disservice.  Chores are an opportunity to teach children household skills and a sense of responsibility.  Children need to learn that families work together to keep the household going.  Working together is a way to build up relationships.  Studies show that children doing household chores is a predictor of success for years to come.  Children who don't do chores lack empathy to help others.

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Thanks Judy for your parenting...

I have never succeeded to get my kids to regularly do chores. I love your blog and ideas. You give me hope!
Monday, 01 June 2015 11:23
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Ways to Encourage

In meetings with clients and here in my blog I talk a lot about how to praise children. The basic premise is words that evaluate: good-bad-beautiful- do not fulfill a child's self esteem and confidence. I recently read a great blog entitled "25 Alternatives to 'Good Job'" . This is...
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Self Esteem

Self Esteem
Most Important - And Worth Repeating... If your eyes light up when your child enters the room, you are programming him with the belief that he lights up a room .... ... Therefore, he will become a person who lights up a room. Imagine how much he can achieve in...
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Educational Psychology

I was fortunate to meet with Rebecca Kaplan Ph.D this week.  Rebecca is a school and educational psychologist.  When my children were younger, I was aware that the elementary school had an educational psychologist but to be honest, I had never been quite sure what their role in the school...
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Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS), developed by Dr. Ross Greene is a realistic method for helping parents and children solve the problems that are creating tension in the home.  The pr...
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