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"Our large goal is to find the ways to help our children become humane and strong-a mensch."
Dr. Haim Ginott


aboutAs a child psychologist in the 1960's Dr. Haim Ginott was known for his empathetic and compassionate view of the challenges of family life. After Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlich attended his parenting support groups they wrote three books based on his teachings. Your Guide to a Happier Family, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, and Siblings Without Rilvary.

Judy has both personal and professional experience of how Dr. Ginott's "language of compassion" helps parents create a more loving, mutually respective relationship. When parents learn a different way to communicate, children and parents agree the family becomes stronger and the individuals become happier and more productive.

In 1997, Dr. John Gottman, acclaimed psychologist and researcher confirmed Dr. Ginott's lifelong work. Through Dr. Gottman's scientific investigation there is now evidence that emotional interactions between parent and child are of utmost importance, shaping not only the parent/child relationship, but also the future of the child. When the way a parent communicates to the child raises a child's emotional intelligence, there is increasing evidence a child benefits greatly. The child will enjoy increased self-confidence, greater physical health, better performance in school, and healthier social relationships.

Through Judy Bar Eitan's professional parenting counseling, parents are able to better understand the theories behind the skills, and practice the skills easily and naturally.


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